Coinage in the military sphere: manufacture, production and distribution

It has been traditionally considered that one of the motors that stimulated the production and diffusion of coinage in Antiquity was the army, mainly during war periods. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the western Mediterranean area from the Second Punic War onwards, and especially with the consolidation of the Iberian issues during the 2nd century BCE.

The interpretations on the origin, meaning and development of this monetary process, coin production and distribution in Roman republican western Mediterranean, as well as its chronology, have generated, and still generate, debate. El Camp de les Lloses is a good archaeological example of this problematics, with significant monetary records and important evidences of metalworking.

Thus, the productive structures of mintage derived from the needs concerning the deployment, movement or stationing of the militia are difficult to determine and identify archaeologically. Likewise, the reasons that prompted the coining authority to strike certain issues, the management of the production and the distribution channels continue to give rise to questions.

With this new workshop, organized by the acuCALL and El Camp de les Lloses, our aim is to delve into this issue by encouraging discussion among home and abroad researchers and scholars specialists on the subject, as well as among the rest of the scientific community, students and amateurs. During the one-day seminar, new studies and interpretative hypotheses dealing with different topics (mintage, military meaning of issues, coinage distribution, taxation) will be presented and discussed. The approach will be broad and diachronic, but focused on the western Mediterranean area and on the Roman Republican period.


Laurent Callegarin
Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (France)

Fernando López
Universitat Jaume I (Castelló)

Jaume Noguera
Universitat de Barcelona

Antoni Ñaco del Hoyo
ICREA-Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Fabien Picon
Archaeologist (Ille de France, France)

Ruth Pliego
Universidad de Sevilla

Jordi Principal
Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya (MAC)

Montse Duran
Centre d’Interpretació del Camp de les Lloses

Imma Mestres
Centre d’Interpretació del Camp de les Lloses

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