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L'Arqueologia del Gènere i les Activitats de Manteniment.


NOVES TECNOLOGIES APLICADES a l'exploració, registre i anàlisi arqueològica

NEW TECHNOLOGIES APPLIEDN to exploration, archaeological recording and analysis


In recent decades archeology has become a multidisciplinary science. Gradually, the research teams have become broader in scientific terms, integrating data fields of knowledge increasingly varied. ...
La moneda en àmbit militar: fabricació, estructura productiva i difusió

Coinage in the military sphere: manufacture, production and distribution


It has been traditionally considered that one of the motors that stimulated the production and diffusion of coinage in Antiquity was the army, mainly during war periods. This phenomenon is particularly...
Logística i estratègia militar a Hispània<br />c. 120-190 a.n.e.



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